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"Faith Builds a Home and Prayer Fortifies It.”

Cynthia D. Jones 


For Cynthia D. Jones, music has been a connection point, a source of love, laughter, joy, and romance for her and her husband, Q. Being a Motown born-and-bred woman, music and dancing have played a backdrop, “running parallel to the ebb and flow of our forty-plus year marriage through many seasons.”


The Melody of Marriage invites married couples on a musical journey using familiar song titles, personal examples, and activities. The author gives Biblical principles for sustaining a life-long marriage with Christ as the center.

Roosevelt and Renita Quick

“We highly recommended this devotional experience for married couples of all ages!”

Roosevelt and Renita Quick, 30+ years of marriage

Marriage and Relationship Coaches Co-Authors of The Power of Agreement: Biblical Principles for Maximizing Marital Fulfillment

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