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The Melody of Marriage invites couples to take a delightful musical journey through the Song of Solomon using contemporary music, intimate stories, and engaging activities to find mutually satisfying joy in your marriage.


Contrary to what the world believes, marriage has not become passé. It is the most enriching and rewarding gift a couple can offer each other - A love that is, “Always and Forever.”

The Melody of Marriage is filled with simple truths to inspire couples to enhance their marital relationships.

 Discover The Melody of Marriage and learn the Biblical principles for sustaining a life-long marriage with Christ as the center. 


For Cynthia D. Jones, music has been a connection point, a source of love, laughter, joy, and romance for her and her husband Q. The intent of Melody of Marriage is to use music as a backdrop to help marriages grow in their commitment, connection, and communication using the Song of Solomon as its foundation.


Couples will learn about Christ’s love for us all and how He wants you to enjoy a vibrant relationship that honors His design for marriage. Everyone can enjoy a marriage by God’s design.

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Take a Moment to Enjoy these Moments

Roosevelt and Renita Quick

“We highly recommended this devotional experience for married couples of all ages!”

Roosevelt and Renita Quick, 30+ years of marriage

Marriage and Relationship Coaches Co-Authors of The Power of Agreement: Biblical Principles for Maximizing Marital Fulfillment

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