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"Marriage is designed to grow us into a better example of Jesus' character."

Cynthia Jones

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Welcome to the heart and soul of Cynthia D. Jones's incredible journey in the realm of Marriage Ministries!

Meet Cynthia and her devoted partner, Minister Quentin "Q" Jones – a dynamic duo who have weathered life's storms together for an astounding 52 years, celebrating almost five decades of marriage. Their love story unfolds against the backdrop of a life traversing the diverse landscapes of the United States.

For a myriad of Marriage and Couples Conferences, Retreats and other ministry events Cynthia and Q have passionately championed Marriage Ministries, leaving an indelible mark on countless hearts. Their commitment has translated into hosting, serving, and speaking at a myriad of Marriage and Parenting Conferences, workshops, and other ministry events.

Cynthia and Minister Q, proud members of St. James Community Church in Alpharetta, GA, Cynthia and Q remain dedicated to Couples Ministry. Having spent six impactful years as Co-Chairpersons of the ministry, they cultivated a thriving community within the church. Their weekly class became a crucible for couples, guiding them to deepen their connection with Christ vertically and with each other horizontally.

This transformation was achieved through a rich tapestry of prayer, immersive Bible Studies, engaging conferences, one-on-one mentoring, compassionate counseling, and insightful teaching. Their legacy at St. James stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to fostering strong, enduring marriages.

Today, the Joneses lead a vibrant couples' home small group called "Real Talk," where they offer a safe space for young couples. This intimate setting serves as a haven for those seeking not just advice but genuine support and encouragement in their journey to fortify their marriages.

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Join Cynthia and Q on this remarkable voyage through the tapestry of love, faith, and partnership. Their story is not just a testament to enduring love, but a beacon of hope for all couples striving to build marriages that withstand the test of time.

Cynthia D. Jones – a force of love and inspiration weaving

a rich tapestry of service and passion.

Beyond her remarkable journey in Marriage Ministries with her husband Minister Quentin "Q" Jones, Cynthia shines as a beacon in Women's Ministries. She co-founded "Loving Him God's Way," empowering Christian wives. With 16 years in Bible Study Fellowship International (BSF), she was a leader of a comprehensive study of the Bible.

A partner of "One Hundred Shares," Cynthia supports mission work and engages with organizations like Covenant House, Hosea Feed the Hungry, and Meals on Wheels. In 2019, she founded "Ladies Who Lunch," blending health, business, and spiritual outreach.

As a certified "Stephen Minister" and Alma College graduate in Social Work, Cynthia's philanthropic spirit extends beyond her church. Her love for travel, cultures, history, and great food is reflected in her global adventures. Back home in Atlanta, she finds joy in family, friends, writing, fitness, and worship at St. James.

A true Motown woman, Cynthia's life is set to music and dance, running parallel to the ebb and flow of her impactful journey. Join Cynthia as she continues to weave a story of service, faith, and the universal language of love.

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